All-inclusive 4×4 Camping Adventure in East Africa

Is this possible with 4×4 camping adventure? Very possible and when opting for the delight of devising a stressed free vacation, it’s very sympathetic. No worry of moving with credit cards, or even traveling around with cash. All-inclusive 4×4 camping adventure is a great adventure proposal for a relaxed trip and it is much amazing with the 4×4 rooftop tent safari vehicle that is customized to hit whole the rough route of East African regions.

All the trip inclusive are sheltered, no surprise costs are anticipated and should note what is excluded. For all-inclusive tailor for all trip amenities and one doesn’t need to pay extra charges once coasting is made.

However, though entitled an all-inclusive adventure, it’s important to note that in East Africa only outfits for the trip basics, without them the trip is incomplete and impossible. These include accommodation, transportation, feeding, attraction and destination fees (entrance fees).

What is the 4×4 camping adventure?

This commonly means seating having a 4×4 rental and explore your places of desire. Africa is known for the folded landscape which accelerate throughout. Particularly East Africa is one marvelous bend of the continent suggesting great background slants. When anticipating for an adventure in this bend it’s very impossible and not advised to go with saloon and even any SUV vehicle, rather should have a consistent 4×4 safari customized vehicle which can camouflage through all weathered road slants.

Among the great 4×4 safari customized vehicles used include; land cruiser ranges of TZ/TX, V8/VX, GX, 70 Series, Land Rover defender, Nissan Patrol all are fitting to cruise through the unconditioned and unpaved roads which are described with ruts, bumps, dusty, rocky, slippery and any mentions. Opting for an all-inclusive 4×4 camping adventure in this gorgeous biodiversity East African should ruminate on using one of the mentioned fleets, and some are well customized for rooftop tent camping.

How best to organize for an all-inclusive 4×4 camping adventure?

The 4×4 camping adventure is fully guided adventure, but it means prior preparations where one makes earlier trip nicety arrangement. Actually, this is the hoary twisted itinerant which demanded and used by many travelers across the world. With an all-inclusive adventure, a tourist draws all they would need on the trip to their preferred tour operators who make prior reservations for all amenities on the trip.

The all-inclusive adventure is perfect for honeymooners, family trips, anniversary, firm trips and executive trips.

What are included on an all-inclusive 4×4 camping adventure?

4×4 car rental

The first requirement is how to transfer to all adventure spots, taking an African adventure automatically means to a 4×4 safari vehicle. No 4×4 safari customized vehicle, no adventure to avoid embarrassments with road and what the terrain suggests. With the classes of traveling request of the mentioned 4×4 car rental for your fabulous all-inclusive 4×4 camping adventures in East Africa. Considering car rental, there is a chance of renting out car with a driver or having a car for self-drive if it’s not a full guided trip.

Camping gears

It a rooftop tent camping adventure? Then have to be considerate when selecting 4×4 vehicle. Among the safari vehicles not all are customized with for rooftop tent camping safaris it’s well answered to know what your provider offer. All camping gears include camping tent (ground/rooftop tent), mattress, sleeping bag, plates, cups, cooking gas cylinder if you’re to prepare your own food, jerrycan, dish washer, potable refrigerator, dishwasher, knife etc.


For an all-inclusive camping adventure, one can decide to prepare their own food, this means cruising together with necessary utensils and a chief who would aid in preparing food. However, can decide to make camping and take your breakfast, lunch and dinner at the nearest restaurant. But having a chief to make your food, it means and extra charge for the chief. This is in most cases seen on luxury camping safaris. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, all standard drinks (soft drinks water, juices), en-route meals etc.

Camping grounds

Camping space in the wild are mainly provided by various lodges that are scared across. There is either camping space or already made camping tents by lodges. Also, the wild adventurous camping is available in almost every Savannah park where travelers have to spend a night amidst all roars of the wild.

All entrances

Subsequent securing of an all-inclusive camping adventure, all the routes and destination are prior marked, it’s certainly hard to divert what is prepared. So, all entrances and activity fares are outfitted and would not anticipate paying for anything else.

Benefits of all-inclusive 4×4 camping adventure in East Africa

Pressure free

Prodigious value for every single note.

Time saving

It’s safer has one doesn’t have to worry of anything

You can choose from a myriad of options

Lots of facilities and entertainment

Exclusive in all-inclusive adventure

The exclusive are not key points on the adventure, without them there is no way the trip which be affected. These include buying souvenirs, tips, hard drinks, visa, and outbound and inbound air ticket and anything not included in the trip costs.

Proposed all-inclusive 4×4 camping adventures in East Africa

You can start with Tanzania and this will take you to the Serengeti adventure trip, Camping adventure to Ngorongoro and then the hiking of the Kilimanjaro Mountain.

The next route can be in Kenya and don’t miss the Masai Mara Camping Safari, Lake Nakuru, Masai Mara, Naivasha and Amboseli camping adventure and all these routes can be much amazing with the rooftop tent vehicle.

More so as all our fleets are packed in Uganda we always advise our travelers to take one way rental, that is start with Uganda highlights like Kidepo and Murchison falls Camping adventure, Gorilla and tree climbing lion camping adventure, the Big five and chimpanzee camping adventure and then add on an extension of Rwanda’s Akagera National Park and then from here you can easily cross to Tanzania and you can drop the car in any city of Tanzania and then with the logistics you provide one of our safari guide can correct it.